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    I studied multi-media and design at the Jefferson County joint Vocational School and continued my education at Pittsburgh Technical College. My focuses are grip electric work and cinematography

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"Get Out There"

A promotional video for the Toyota Tacoma and its origins in off-road racing.  I Started with filming utilizing a combination of private property and state forests local to eastern Ohio.  I tried to highlight the capabilities of the truck in the harsh environment they were built to endure.

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"Spit Shine"

A commercial for the fictional "Spit Shine" automotive cleaning product company.  I started this project by coming up with the initial name and slogan, as well as designing and producing fake labels for use in the production.  From there I filmed the process of washing a vehicle and cut in multiple shots highlighting the products to be used.

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"Mine Your Step"

A safety public service announcement on what to do when you stumble across an abandoned coal mine.  The idea for this project began after discovering multiple mines during the production of another video piece.  from there I traveled around the surrounding counties filming as many mining locations as I could find

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"Fast Family Fun"

A documentary Showcasing Three Rivers Karting in Leetsdale Pennsylvania.  Highlighting some of the attractions that can be found at their facility.  Featuring a combination of exciting B-roll and fascinating interviews with the owner and the media marketing manager of Three Rivers Karting.

Eleven Week Show


An immersive, found footage style piece where the viewers perspective is guided through an abandoned building as the sequence seems to cycle things slowly twisted further and further

Senior Project WIP

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"Find Your Fit"

An audio ad for the DC Shoes brand, promoting the diversity of there current shoe line-up highlighting The Manual RT's (a casual sneaker), the Lynx-Zero's (a durable skating shoe) and the Bolsa's (a minimalist sandal).  With numerous color schemes for each there is truly a fit for everyone.

Portfolio piece
DC Shoes "Find Your Fit"
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